Saindo do blog


Gente, saidno do blog, ele i6terfere muito na minha vida, eu estou ocupado, e vem o povo querendo reunião, e tbm ta tendo muita briga, tchau!

qualquer coisa, podem me ver neste blog >


Mateus entrevista,


Tendou no Mazo.

Gente, vocês sabem que o Blade entrevistou Artix, então eu pensei : AAAAA, se for assim eu também posso entrevistar alguém famoso ;*.

Enfim, eu entrevistei o Tendou no Mazo, eu dei Goto nele no Safiria, ele estava na house dele, eu perguntei se ele queria dar a entrevista pro blog, ele disse que sim =3, bem, ele é um cara bem legal xD, mas sem enrolar, vamos a entrevista!

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Decisão na mão de vocês, Leitores!


Oi gente, estou aqui para divulgar uma enquete sobre um assunto que está causa uma certa polêmica em nosso blog, simplesmente, o nome dele! Nós queremos muda-lo, e todos já devem estar imaginando o que se passa, alguns querem certo nome, outros preferem outro nome e  fulano nem quer mudar o nome do blog. Então para uma decisão mais justa  nada melhor do que deixar vocês, leitores escolherem! Então vamos as options :

Votem! ;D


Drops do Release,


E Atualização no Rep. Shop!

Galera, vim postar os novos itens que veio no Reputation Shop e os Drops de Cave Of Wanders (/Join Wanders), então, sem mais delogans, vamos ao Post, já que eu num tenho muito o que falar mesmo -qq

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Guia de quests, do realese !



Olá leitores, sentiram minha falta ? Aposto que não 8D Bom hoje como ninguem quis postar eu estou postando  guia das quests de Cave of Wanders em Sandsea !

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email da entrevista com o artix!


Sem Ediçoes!

Hello Artix, once again I thank you for this interview to be AQWolds Hunters, since he is a Brazilian Blog. let the questions:


1 – How did the idea of creating Artix Entertainment?
Thank you very much for interviewing me about AdventureQuest Worlds.  I hope your readers enjoy the answers!  Ever since I was very little, it was my dream to create a video game.  I created the original AdventureQuest hoping I could get just 100 people to play. I figured if 100 people played then I could call it  “real game”. The game was completely free. It truly was a game built from a love of gaming.  But… to my surprise, thousands and then tens of thousands of awesome players came to play.  We had so many server crashed that we got kicked off our ISP, then another… then finally we were told that if we did not get dedicated servers and more bandwidth we would get kicked off that one too. It was a lot more than I could afford on my own, so I had to ask the players for help in paying for the servers with an upgrade.  It was a wierd twist of fate that this disaster is what actually created Artix Entertainment.  Because of the players support we, as an indie company, were able to expand the team with really cool and creative people and build new games like DragonFable, MechQuest and AdventureQuest Worlds. We are very grateful.


2 – Where do you Inspired to make this name “Artix?
I first played a game using the name Artix when I was in 5th grade.  I liked that it had the word art in it. Because I love both graphic art and the martial arts.  Currently I train in Muay Thai Kickboxing, but originally I was trained in Tae Kwon Do, Hipkido, and Krav Maga.  Artix’s first adventures were with a mage named Warlic and those adventures lasted over 6 years.  You may be surprised to find this out but Artix is my only character and the one I have played in every game I play.  Very few people know that I secretly replaced my middle name with Artix on my high school diploma.  


3 – The dog as famous Daimyo really exist? If so could I get a picture of him?
Yes, Daimyo is real.  He is a friendly dog who loves his bones… undead or otherwise! He was sitting with me way back when when I was creating the original AdventureQuest, and I am grateful he remains at my side as we work on new things today.  To honor him I made sure he was on the box for the card game that will be at Toys R Us and on this summer.  He really earned it… and a few treats too 🙂


4 – Do you consider yourself famous games in society?
We love all the players of our games.  It would not matter if we only had 1 or 111,000,000.  We will always put everything we have into making the games the best and most fun for them.  


5 – You predende learn my language (Portuguese) to better understand the players from Brazil and Portugal?
One of my earliest childhood friends was a girl from Brazil who only spoke Portuguese. (story time – We went to school together too. Her very first time talking to the teacher in Engliish… LOL… was to tell on me for drawing battle axes on my paper instead of doing the assignment. We used to watch He Man all the time at her house.)  I have always had great respect for the language.  We are in the process of making special servers that will be translated to Portuguese over time. It is very hard translating AQWorlds because of the way we built the files.  So this will happen in phases.  Meanwhile, I have been using Google translator when talking to portuguese players in game.  


6 – AQWolds really is a great success you have already vaiu agontecer idea that this game after the end of the saga “The 13 Lord of Chaos”?
Thank you for the compliment. But please know… Chaos is not predictable.  Anything can happen in AQWorlds. It is very likely that one of the 13 Lords of Chaos could actually defeat all of the players and win the game…. no one knows what will happen next.  Drakath has been growing more powerful with each Chaos Lo0rd defeated…. what is he up to? … how did he get his powers? … if he is so powerful, why has he not wiped us out yet? 


7 – Do you have any expectation about the hero smash? as the emergence of chaos?
HeroSmash is a brand new game built off of the AQWorlds engine created by Minimal and Zhoom.  It is going to be our first game to take place in a completely separate universe with all new characters and stories.  The thing I am most excited about in this game is thsat players will be chosen through a top secret set of tests to become the next storylines super villain and major hero! It is unlikely that Drakath and his Lords of  Chaos will appear in herosmash…. but as we all know… chaos is unpredictable! Anything can happen!
We really hope you enjoy what we are making for you to play!

thanks for your participation in blog

grateful: Lord Blade Wuzi

Blog link: 
    Battle on! and AQWorlds Caçadores!


P.S. I will send you some photos and pictures to go with your interview when I get to the lab.  thank you this was a lot of fun!

Fake ?


É o fuloba

agora pouco postei a entrevista que o Artix me deu mas muitos dizem que é  fake pois aqui estão os  print’s de algumas fotos que o Artix acaba de enviar pra gente:

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